Nigeria's 2024 Licencing Round

Nigeria is taking a bold step into the future of energy with its 2024 Licencing Round. This key event presents a cocktail of 12 deep offshore and shallow water blocks, available to bid on for allocation in compliance with the applicable laws. it’s a strategic move towards reshaping the country’s energy landscape. The Nigerian Government is committed to fairness and clarity, offering licences through a process that is transparent and competitive. The criteria for allocation are meticulously outlined in the Licencing Round Guidelines.  

The focus of this initiative includes: Boosting Nigeria’s hydrocarbon Reserves and production, Creating community Harmony and Cost Efficiency. The main objectives of the 2024 Licencing Round are ambitious yet attainable: 

  • Growing Reserves to ensure the longevity of Nigeria’s energy sector
  • Enhancing Nigerian Content
  • Boosting Production to meet both local and global demands
  • Expanding Gas Utilization Creating Jobs with every block allocated
  • Attracting Investment 
  • Global Energy Sufficiency
  • Value Creation. 

The reduction of carbon footprint and the pursuit of net-zero emissions are not just on the agenda, they are at the forefront of this licencing round. This presents an opportunity to incorporate clean fuel strategies into new projects, ensuring that the growth in reserves and production aligns with a reduction in carbon footprint and the pursuit of net-zero emissions targets. The 2024 Licencing Round is a promise of growth, prosperity, and a sustainable future. For investors, it’s an opportunity to be part of Nigeria’s energy revolution.  For further enquires :

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