Project Finance

INVETA Group is a leading provider of capital for development projects in Africa offering grand-scale, mid-size and intermediate financing, to both government and private sectors. We are partners with major global finance institutions that supports businesses and projects across Africa. Our terms and conditions are competitive with low interest rates and fast processing times making us effective in unlocking Africa’s transformative potential through inclusive financing. We are an experienced team of experts that provides advice to investors on investment opportunities, project feasibility studies, funding strategies, and investor relations.


Promotion- Invest and Trade Africa

The right communication is a fundamental aspect of economic development and an integral part of investment promotion. INVETA GROUP champions this course through the production of INVEST AND TRADE AFRICA, a premium weekly broadcast covering macro economic policies and projects impacting the African region while profiling the continent’s opportunities in energy, finance, mining and inter and intra Africa Trade. Through Invest and Trade Africa, we are making Africa's voice heard and her name known on an equitable global level by promoting and projecting projects, governments, and organizations making impactful strides on the continent.

Inter and Intra-African Trade Facilitation 

INVETA Group helps businesses to identify and assess new markets in Africa, providing insights into the region such as the regulatory environment. We promote the implementation of the African continental free trade area [AFCFTA]

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